Wednesday, July 08, 2009

2nd Stimulus Package -Got Economic Growth?

The only stimulus package that will create jobs,pay down the debt and fix the housing market is the American Dream Housing Lottery. Got Growth? call your elected officials and demand the Economic Jumpstart Program and National Debt Reduction Plan "The American Dream Housing Lottery!"
Grace be with you all...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Eighty Four Trillion friggin dollars worth of economic growth..

Read ...Support...Spread...


SUPPORT: Call your United States House of Representative (they are the branch of government that puts all financial bills forward). There are 435 members that the three hundred million of us' have to inflence regarding the housing lottery.Call your local TV station ask them to cover this plan,call your local newspaper reporter ask them to do a story on it, write a letter to the editor.

SPREAD: Talk about the idea with everyone you have contact with,family,friends,coworkers,in line at the supermarket everyone from everywhere. Start with "What would you do with a debt free house?". Direct them to the website and call upon their voices to join in taking back the American Dream, for real this time!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We can do better than government backed market depletion....

I would like to remind everyone of the results of the RTC which was a mere couple hundred billion dollars worth of assets, it created a mild recession. The assets were sold for pennies on the dollar and cost the municipalities across America to suffer loss in tax base due to the decline in market value of all housing. There are over fourteen TRILLION dollars worth of assets. The unscrupulous greed of the the so called smart people came up with a few items called mortgage securities bundle & derivatives thereof, this created an illusion of growth, a virtual house of cards. This has been identified by the media and reported as such. So now where do we go from here? We capture one hundred percent of the asset value by implementing the redistribution method through a federal housing lottery system. No matter how you look at it we are going to pay once again for these asset, we should get the bang for the buck we deserve. It pays the debt and jump starts the economy. Investors that are willing to purchase the assets with Government back loans will pay only 10 or 15 cents on the dollar,this way will deplete the tax base and area market values because we are already in a recession it will send us into a deep depression.Which means those of you whom are in the hard hit areas already will suffer the most. So either lift up your voice and ask everyone you have contact with to gain the understanding of what the American Dream Housing Lottery Plan is,Read.....Support....Spread.... or prepare for a the very harsh reality of The American Dream Depression. Grace be with you all.... Let's have a conversation! What would you do with a debt free capital asset(house)?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

What's under the TARP?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

While we wait....

Welcome Fred to the world of participatory citizenship. I do believe we will be friends.
On the national level today we await the details, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner came out on the world stage yesterday and landed with a resounding thud. There was no definitions, no projections, nothing but.....................we are going to do something we have never done before.
It better include the American Dream Housing Lottery!
This is the only plan that will recycle the debt and jump start the economy.
Grace be with you all....